About Us

We’re here to spread Love! One of the ways we’re doing this, is through our products and services to you.

We know how important a Peaceful, Happy Home is. So we wanted to create a way of facilitating the making and maintenance of that Peaceful, Happy Home. Starting with the “What to buy?” & “Who to hire?” process, which can at times be overwhelming due to the vast number of qualified individuals, small businesses and products available on the market.
At Delfin we take on the task for you, just let us know what you need and we’ll provide the solution. With both name brand and small-business high quality appliances, furniture, and products – we focus on providing an exceptionally select product list based on quality & socially conscious benefits to individuals and society.
Our 369 Method
If you need a job done, we’ll get you 3 certified local small-business professionals ready to schedule your job within 6 days, &  you receive 9% off the purchase of any product through your service request, it’s that simple!
Our products are available to purchase at any time online. When you create a Service Request, your Service Request Number will act as a promo code for your 9% service discount.
Easy Access to Resources
To make things even easier we’ve put together a large number of product recommendations, supplies, videos, and information you may need during the making and maintaining of your home in our Blogs/Resources section. We have informative  topics ranging from Do-It-Yourself home projects to Holistic  concepts and Socially Conscious thought processes. We do this, because fundamentally we believe it is every entities responsibility to facilitate the spread of knowledge, to build a brighter future for all.

Furniture, Appliances, Housewares, and much more! We’ve got a specialized professional for any project!

Helping Customers & Contractors Alike

Home renovation and maintenance industries are filled with many experienced companies and individuals that may make it overwhelming for customers to decide on which reliable service provider to choose.

With rapidly advancing technologies, it can become difficult for experienced and professional contractors and small businesses to position their online presence without a big budget. We hope to bridge the gap by connecting these talented and professional service providers to the customers that desire them, through our digital and physical resources.


Lets work together

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